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Dein Shooting

Trotz meinem pragmatischen Prozess, empfehle ich dir diese Seite und ihre Referenzen sorgsam zu lesen. Gut vorbereitet und informiert, können wir uns auf die Fotos konzentrieren und effizient arbeiten. Im Falle dass hier nicht all deine Fragen beantwortet werden, zögere bitte nicht mich zu kontaktieren.


Before everything else, I recommend reading my general terms and conditions. This is the basis for every contract.
General Terms and Conditions
My privacy policy describes, what personal data I'm processing and how I process and secure them. It is very important to me, to handle your privacy very carefully.
Privacy Policy
The permitted use of the resulting photographs will be agreed between us. Typically this consists of how you plan to use the pictures as well as my online and offline usage for reference purposes.
It'll be discussed and signed shortly before the shooting.
Visualising your idea in a mood board makes it easier to understand your perceptions. Add photographs to a collage, some with a specific mood, some with a specific colour scheme and some you like regarding the overall style.
It doesn't matter whether you bring it on paper or what system you use for this. If you don't have a system in mind, I recommend to do a wall using Pinterest.
Hopefully, you feel excited about working with me. In that case, let's make contact and fix a date!
Check dates


Look for outfits and accessories you like and which combine well. Also, strong colours and special pieces (e.g. an old coat) can work nicely. Let's play with your fantasy and don't hesitate to bring a full suitcase.
Depending on the shooting type, I recommend to do some of the following:
- Face and body peeling
- Hair removal (36h+ before shooting)
- Manicure/pedicure

And: no solarium within two days before the shooting!

Check the weather forecast and prepare not just for the shoot itself but also for the journey to get there as well as going home in the end.

Vor dem Shoot

Shooting with Make-up-Artist:
Please arrive without make-up

Shooting without Make-up-Artist:
Make yourself up like normal but just a little bit stronger or bring your make-up with you. Only use a matte powder to reduce glare.

Go to bed early to be rested and relaxed.
Don't wear tight clothes in places where you don't want marks (e.g. bras, slips, corded boots).
Bring the music you like on your smartphone. We can play it on my speaker during the shoot.

Don't forget to bring a charger as well.

Try to arrive 15 minutes before the shooting begins. This way you have enough time to arrive and make yourself comfortable with the site.
Directions to the Studio

Das Shooting

It's important you feel comfortable. If you want, bring somebody you trust with you.
Please let me know in advance if you plan to bring somebody with you.
A typical shoot takes approximately 2 - 2.5 hours. The time plan typically looks roughly like this:

- Arrival 15min before shooting starts
- Welcome & rough site orientation
- Unloading and get ready
- Personal introduction (5min)
- Concept and procedure discussion (5-10min)
- Make-up, finish the technical setup
- Start shooting and keep going until everybody is satisfied 🙂

During a studio shoot, you can continuously check the photographs on the monitor.

Most people feel nervous at the beginning of a photo shoot. Therefore we start by answering all questions and show you immediate results as they get produced.
No worries, we'll get superior photographs out of the shoot!


It's normal to have some muscle ache the day after a shoot.
To prevent this, I recommend the use of Purina's Murmelisalbe to use right after the shoot. I usually have some in stock.
Puralpina Murmelisalbe
After the shoot, I strive to deliver the photographs as fast as possible.

- Rough selection (me)
- Development (me)
- Final selection (you)
- Edit and retouching (me)
- Delivery (me)

Typically this process takes approximately 1-2 weeks.

Ich bin stolz dein Fotograf sein zu dürfen. Da ich nach dem bestmöglichen Resultat strebe, kannst du dir sicher sein dass ich mein Bestes geben werde.

Bis bald!

Unterschrift von Andy
Andy Reutimann

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